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YOU decide which financial products are best for you because you understand what you’re buying. And YOU decide how and when you reach out for professional help.

Welcome to a world where you’re never again sold financial products you don’t need or understand. Welcome to Stop Being Sold®.


Stop Being Sold® is taking the traditional sales process of financial products and flipping it on its head. We put you in the driver’s seat, empowering you through articles, videos, and other free resources to become a more informed consumer.

There is nothing on our site that you can buy from us. And, when you request our free resources, we will never rent, share, or sell your information to third parties or advisors. Ever.
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Instead, after you’ve done your research and have a better understanding of the type of retirement, insurance, or investment help you need – YOU contact a local advisor directly using our online directory.

How It Works with Stop Being Sold®

You read our blogs, watch our videos, and download our informative guides to learn as much as you can.

You’re looking for more information on retirement, insurance, and investment products, and come across Stop Being Sold®.

With a better understanding of the questions you must ask an advisor before purchasing a financial product, you take the next step and research a trusted fiduciary in your area on our website.

You reach out to a few advisors listed on our site to interview them. (Advisors listed with Stop Being Sold® have made a fiduciary pledge – meaning, ethically and legally, they have to put your interests ahead of their own.)

You ask advisors informed questions using our checklists and reach an informed decision. (And then high-five yourself because you are no longer a transaction!)

You leave a review for the advisor on our website so other consumers can make better financial decisions for their future. (In doing so, you’re helping expand and strengthen our community!)

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